landing distance available

landing distance available
i. (LDA) As it pertains to fixed-wing aircraft, it is the distance from the point on the surface of the airport above which the airplane can be deemed to commence its landing to the nearest point in the direction of landing at which the surface of the airport is incapable of bearing the weight of the airplane under normal operating conditions and with regard to the obstructions in its approach path (i.e., the threshold). It is the length of runway that is declared available and suitable for the ground run of an aircraft landing run. The landing threshold may be displaced from the start of the TORA (takeoff run available), and the LDA should take this into account.
ii. (LDAH) As it pertains to rotary-wing aircraft, it is the length of the final approach and takeoff area plus any additional area declared available and suitable for helicopters to complete the landing maneuver from a defined height.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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